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Inventory and Warehouse Management

Inventory and Warehouse Management System​

Our next generation- Warehouse Management System is designed to accurately support, optimize warehouse functionality by tracking inventory and increase productivity. With WMS flexi software you can manage multiple warehouses, transfer stock between them, aid management in their planning, organizing movement of store/finished material and get better insights. A unified platform to streamline all back-office processes including accounting, CRM and E-CommerceRely on our end-to-end inventory management platform to perform the inventory audits, maintain inventory levels, avoid stock-out situation, data and analytics, all in real time.

Location Management

The location management functionality in warehouse software allows streamlining all functional areas of receiving, picking, packing, put-away, shipping and cycle counting.

  • Location reservation
  • Location configuration
  • Part configuration
  • Multi-warehouse support
  • Advance location suggestion
  • Cargo-based restriction

Goods Receipt

The physical movement of goods in warehouse is monitored with reference to purchase order, production order, delivery and other good receipt with accuracy and in real-time.

  • Convert back order to PO
  • Sales return
  • Handle multiple pack types
  • Landed cost calculation
  • PO/ ASN based receipt
  • Purchase order management
  • Supplier management
  • Stock transfer
  • Hierarchical packs management

Stock Management

To manage stock, the asset management software is perfect to monitor outlet level, maintaining consistency throughout your company.

  • Reorder stock
  • Reorder point
  • Reorder quantity
  • Bulk reordering
  • Generate PO
  • Barcode, QR & RFIDs
  • Multiple location support
  • Shelf and bin tracking systems
  • Order picking support

Purchase Management

Automate your inventory in a single application with efficient order management solution that help you to create purchase orders, backorders, drop shipments and so on.

  • Order picking support
  • Automatic reorder
  • Inventory forecasting tools
  • Barcode, RFIDs support
  • Vendors management
  • Purchase orders
  • Receivables, payment, & return

Pricing and Cost

The module is integrated with CRM that helps you manage financial data proficiently without much effort.

  • Private pricing showrooms
  • Pricing schemes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Moving average cost
  • FIFO/LIFO cost
  • Bulk price updates

Shipments- Materials Tracking

To a great extent, this feature provides you real-time shipping rates, in-transit details of major shipping carriers and prudently chooses a right shipping partner for your business. 

  • Track movements
  • Locations and sub-locations
  • Transfer stock
  • Adjust stock
  • Count sheet
  • Full history

Inventory Management

The warehouse inventory is perfectly designed to control all your warehouse activities, even the minute details are taken into account for improved order fulfillment and correct inventory count.

  • Inventory write-off
  • Danger stock
  • Stock taking
  • Movement list
  • Forecasting (PO<SO & Inventory)
  • Inventory Velocity
  • FIFO/ EEFO based tracking


The dispatching module allows you to manage scheduling, point of sale, inventory and profit & loss from the main corporate warehouse and for each service truck when delivery takes place.

  • Customer backorder
  • Part restriction
  • Picking list generation
  • Allocation
  • Sales order management (SCO)
  • Customer management
  • Packing & labeling


The module streamlines cost calculations and the invoicing process—dynamically managing the billing process proficiently across all of your facilities.

  • Price and mark management
  • Invoice closure
  • Invoice generation
  • Multiple ship-to & bill-to details

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