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Finance and Accounting System​​

No business today can hope to accomplish aspiring development targets and beat the challenge without dependable, high functioning business management systems in place.

When it comes to finance and accounting, Forte Business Solution support the strategic objectives of the software and help organization in profitable business achievement.

Accounts Receivable

The account receivable module helps in tracking all the invoices that is awaiting payment from customers. 

  • Receivables history
  • Create invoices including consolidated billing
  • Manage outstanding receivables
  • Process deposits

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation software module allows for reconciliation between your ERP system and your bank account.

  • Balance all accounting transactions
  • Reconcile foreign currency transactions
  • Auto create foreign exchange adjustment transactions
  • Provide individual bank reconciliations

Accounts Payable

This module provides the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain and process for payment of invoices and credit notes that the organization received from its vendors.

  • Payables history
  • Create supplier invoices
  • Outstanding and historical payables
  • Process payments in multiple currencies


This functionality enables registering, handling and monitoring of budget amount by ledger accounts. The module makes it possible to set up a flexible budget by distinguishing between fixed and variable budget.

  • Monthly and annual budgets
  • Revenue and expense GL accounts
  • Standard and custom reports
  • Analyze performance & variance to budget
  • Compare financial reports

General Ledger

The GL module updates of sub ledger, thus eliminating the time consuming reconciliation and provides summarized data for use in planning, control and reporting.

  • Automated reversing journal entries
  • Report transactions
  • Transactions in a foreign currency
  • Conversion to domestic currency
  • Recurring account entries
  • Transaction revision history

Project Accounting

Project Accounting system improves financial accuracy for your business by generating project invoices in the right format, with the right terms.

  • Project Invoices
  • Project Reports
  • Resource Reservations
  • Estimates Inquiry
  • Work Breakdown Structure


Besides the array of different features that are available in Finance and Accounting software, the quality and quantity of reports the system can generate differs widely, too. 

  • Standard reports
  • Customization reports
  • Graph summaries
  • Cost predictions
  • Subsidiary reporting

Other Modules

  • Resource Lifecycle Management
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Expense Management
  • Vendor Payments
  • Master Planning
  • Data Validation checklist
  • Master Planning
  • Production Floor Management


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