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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Do you want to train your team, customers or students in an efficient way? Then start using Forte Business Solution learning management system and have your team start learning in no time.

Forte Business Solution for learning management includes interactive online courses, assessment tests, system administration, batch assignment and detailed reporting. Our learning management solutions is made out of an archive components and communication capability, enabling instructors to transfer course documents, for example, rubrics, assignments, logbooks, and grade-books, as well as communications with understudies through virtual chat rooms or forums.

The solution is comprised of a powerful LMS, and a content rich course inventory that make it simple to deal with the enrollment in program from framework usage and combination to continuous learning.

Self-Service Portal

The module facilitates self learning by engaging in courses instead relying on traditional course learning processes.

  • Student self registration
  • Course funnels and roadmaps
  • Online lectures & workshops
  • Storage & file exchange

Tracking Services

The module helps in tracking and managing education credits and certification, upcoming events notifications along with advance reporting.

  • Event notification
  • Quiz notifications
  • Monitor student participation
  • Student accounts
  • Grading and scoring

Course Management

The module is useful for developing courses faster by easily pulling content from one central source.

  • Content
  • Students & instructors
  • Course material & database
  • Upload and deliver learning content
  • Progress tracking & evaluation

Social learning portal

Engage with multiple learners worldwide with interactive activities and improve information retention.

  • Collaborative learning
  • Application sharing
  • Group discussions
  • Multi-lingual capabilities

Reporting & Analytics

The module provides insights from the overall processes such that you are able to maximize your resources and support key decisions with data.

  • Deeper insights with customized reports
  • Engagement in real-time
  • Email reporting dashboard
  • Advance security features

Our Learning Management System Offers

  • A platform for educational institutions to deliver online course content to learners
  • Has scheduling and tracking capabilities
  • Able to integrate with content creation platforms

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