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Latest Emerging Technologies you should know

Technology never ceases to amaze us with its potential to solve problems and make processes better. It has a profound impact across industries in recent years with the introduction of IoT, augmented reality and AI. Along with these emerging technologies let us explore more trends that are rapidly accelerating.

Here are technological trends that businesses and people must get ready for-

Artificial Intelligence as a service

Now you have heard about software as service, platform as service and infrastructure as service. AI and machine learning are completely transforming our world. AI as a service offers an alternative to companies who are willing to apply AI to their business processes. Basically a third party offering, AIaaS, implies that everyone can apply AI algorithms without any problem. This is a massive trend that is going to get bigger in the coming years and will make a big impact on businesses.


5G presents a new era for the public, private and government sectors equally. The fifth generation of mobile networks enables the consumer segment to enjoy an enriched connectivity experience and relief from urban network congestion. It brings good news to IoT enabled devices with a very low latency rate.

Computer vision

This technology has been there for many years but it is really accelerating at this moment. We now have the amazing ability of machines to recognize what is on a photograph, computers can now recognize a thing in video footage. This recognition capability is making a big impact on mobile phones in terms of security. For example, face Id or face scan for unlocking mobile phones.

Extended reality

We are witnessing the simulations of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Extended reality includes all of these connecting and engaging customers at deeper more meaningful levels. It has opened new avenues for brands to engage with customers, introducing new immersive ways to interact with products.

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