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Big Data

Big Data is a term which describes a large volume of data. Structured, Semi- Structured and Unstructured. Big data is used in machine learning projects and advanced analytics applications. Big data is important because it determines the root causes of failures and you can make smart decisions.

Implementing big data to your business will make you understand customer intelligence. You will know what a customer wants, what channels they use to buy and so on. You run business and you have data, that’s the biggest assets you have to improve the business.

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From distant block chain appears to be an inaccessible technology. Anyway the thought is very straightforward. All transactions are recorded in a computerized record which is being shared among the participants. Worldwide transactions are recorded on these ledgers and the shared database is shared among thousand gadgets. Block chain does store monetary value, yet it tends to be utilized to store anything be it music, title, intellectual properties and even votes. It is without a doubt the first digital medium for value just like the internet was the first medium for digital information.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to a new stage of industrial revolution that focuses on Automation, Machine Learning and real-time data. Smart technology, Big Data, Machine learning helps to create a better system for a company that focuses on every aspect in a industry.

Industry 4.0 solutions give businesses better insight and data visibility.  Through this, you can deliver products and services easily to the market with better quality. Adopting the solution of industry 4.0 will make you more competitive, it will allow you to trim costs, boost your profit and enable predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) would not be as exciting as a virtual reality roller coaster ride, but AR as a technology is very useful in our everyday lives. Basically, AR combines virtual reality with the real world. AR lies between the Virtual world and Real world. Google Sky Map is the best and well-known AR App.

Augmented reality can help you in all streams of your business. For marketing its fun for clients to see the features and price of the product along with the discount and offers! AR gets more virality and it is unique and noticeable.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) means to experience something through technology which doesn’t exist, like running a 100 meter run in Olympics or swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Virtual reality gives you a real-time experience of the virtual world. It makes you believe that you are on the moon or wherever. The VR World needs to move as you move around. VR can be used in any industry for any purpose. For example, Architects can ask the client to walk through the design before it is built.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a creation of intelligent machines that can work and act like humans. The best example of AI is Google assistant. The main goal of AI is to create a system which can demonstrate, explain and provide the users with the best advice. In today’s scenario AI is enabling the business to work smarter and faster. Like many websites now offer some form of ‘chat’ functionality where you can chat with a bot. it’s a form of AI which begins conversations.

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